Welcoming the harvests

Sébastien & Jérôme

Sébastien & Jérôme Sébastien & Jérôme

Welcoming the grapes without any preconceptions is the first and most important stage in the work carried out by Legras & Haas in the cellars.

Sébastien & Jérôme - Champagne Legras & Haas

Jérôme : « We need to take time to get to know the harvest first, treat it with respect and neutrality, take the time to let the mosts tell us a story, give ourselves a few days in order to imagine its future before drawing a path for the wines to be. With time comes intuition.»

Working as a team is central to the house’s approach especially when it comes to the blends. Rémi, Olivier, Jérôme and the house’s oenologist Sébastien craft all the blends together in a perpetual state of broad-mindness.

Winemaking is not an attempt to revel in your own accomplishment it is a permanent effort to communicate an emotion as well as an origin.

Sébastien : « The wine really is all that counts. The three brothers may each personally like a certain style or sample and there are lot of discussions about techniques and practices, but when they stumble across the perfect blend they always agree with each other. This is the magic of the blending process. »

Legras & Haas skillfully plays on the diversity of its vineyards, grape supply and reserve wines in order to reflect the exceptional ripeness of the Chouilly, the freshness of the Perthois and the strength of the Riceys. With the ambition to achieve with every year more precision and brighter emotions.

Sébastien & Jérôme - Champagne Legras & Haas

Sébastien : « There is always going to be a identifiable style, there is history in all houses, a wealth of reserves wines, strongly embeded practices but the ambition is not to engrave a style at all cost. We prioritise vinification methods that retain the purity of the wines such as limiting the use of oak, no open-air racking, no aromatisation with secret liqueurs and no stylistic frills and fancies such as strong reductions or powerful oxidations. »

Patience is key in winemaking, each step is followed by rest. This is a catalyst for quality and complexity. Carefully chosen aging period in tank and barrel before bottling, in bottle “on lees” aging, post “degorgement” cellaring before releasing the bottles all play a role in making a wine whole.

Sébastien & Jérôme - Champagne Legras & Haas

Jérôme : « The Legras et Haas style is a wine that hits just the right note, a wine that respects its origins and carries a certain wholesomess. »

Rather than effusive adjectives and enigmatic terms, what we prefer to talk about is the fruit. This fruit that we need to preserve and leave to ripen. Then let time slowly apply a beautiful patina, when fruit fades it leaves behind something that cannot be defined, such incredible shapes, such beautiful movements . The Legras brothers believe that the radiance and clarity of the aromas resulting from the ageing process can only really be harnessed if there is purity of fruit, freshness and grace in the wine’s youth.

Sébastien & Jérôme - Champagne Legras & Haas
Sébastien & Jérôme - Champagne Legras & Haas
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