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Brigitte Haas and François Legras met in 1967, both already passionate grower and maker they founded the house Legras & Haas in 1991.

The Legras-Haas family members devote themselves to the unique terroir they groom and the fantastic wines it makes. François Legras was taught at a very young age by his father Lucien. In fifty years of an eventful career his passion never left him. His great experience in growing, making and blending is a true guarantee of quality and a great asset for the new generation.

He loves his champagnes and the wine hills of Chouilly, was one of the first to recognize the potential of the Perthois winemaking area in the eighties and is a expert of the Bar Séquanais Pinot noirs. He defends a precise viticulture freed from prejudices.

Rémi and Olivier Legras have run the house for fifteen years now with the same passion. They put many effort in promoting strict quality processes, precise vines growing and continue to elaborate the pristine and subtle wines that made the reputation of the house.

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