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Legras & Haas a family House.

Making wine without being a grape grower, though widespread, makes no sense to us. Winemaking starts in the vineyard and it is crucial to know the history and background of a vineyard or a hill to make the best champagne possible. That is why every member of the family is responsible for his own vineyards.

This family supply represents the main part of our blends. However we also beneficiate from longterm partnerships with trustworthy growers who complement this family supply. Those grapes are essential for some of our "assemblage" like the Brut Tradition or the Cuvée Exigence.

We want to elaborate not only uttermost exclusive champagnes like our Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru from selected plots but also more classic champagnes like the Brut Tradition that is why we chose to be négociant twenty years ago.

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